Autocrossing the BMW i3s.

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Autocrossing the BMW i3s.
BMWBlog took an all-electric BMW i3s for a multi-day appraisal and discovered how it can truly be an incredible blast to drive. The BMW i3s is the sporty predecessor to the standard BMW i3, getting a new facelift from the previous model year, new trim, a wider wheel track, 20-inch wheels and a lower suspension, making it more agile and athletic than its standard form.

It also enjoys some extra power for a total of 184HP and 199lbs-ft of torque, which makes a nice addition on a model that is mostly carbon fiber, weighing only 3,005lbs. Official 0-60 times are 6.8 seconds, though Car and Driver claim ranges as quick as 6.3 to 6.8 seconds.

During BMW’s recent test drive event for journalists, BMWBlog had the opportunity to hit the autocrossing track with the BMW i3s, which started a fierce BMW i3 competition among the writers and drivers. The timed autocross course was a tricky, technical, snaking one and there was a lot of chest-pounding from the automotive journalists since they all like to consider themselves excellent track drivers.

“Off the line, it takes off surprisingly quick and the first corner of the course is a left hander about one second after the start line, so it was a bit unnerving how quickly it approached in the i3”, says the BMWBlog editor describing one of his autocross laps. “I turn in for the first corner and the front end bites surprisingly well. That was followed by an almost immediate right hander and then another super quick left. I don’t know if there’s a BMW on the market that could handle that quick left, right, left better than the i3s. It’s so small, so light and so punchy that it makes such easy work of it.”

“Ten years ago, if you had told any car enthusiast that there would be a little electric BMW hatchback with 184HP that would be one of the most fun cars you could throw around a small track, they’d have laughed at you”, says BMWBlog, “Now, a bunch of car enthusiasts just had an absolute blast doing just that. It’s an odd world we now live in.”

Don’t be confused by the automotive journalists’ zeal, though. The BMW i3s doesn’t just offer a performance increase, it also provides excellent efficiency ratings. Purely electric, it delivers 126/99/112 MPGe City/Highway/Combined. If you are looking for a perfect daily driver with a little sport to back it up, stop in and test drive one today.

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