How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your BMW’s Battery?

How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your BMW’s Battery?

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At Vista BMW Pompano Beach, we take pride in offering premium sales and service for our valued customers. In addition to our impressive collection of luxury SUVs and sedans, we also host a state-of-the-art service center with a full menu of services. Contact us today to learn more about our routine scheduled maintenance, major and minor auto repair options and BMW battery replacement service.

We take the guesswork out of knowing when to service your battery and offer premium inspections and evaluations to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. Avoid getting stranded without any power or charge. Instead, schedule BMW battery replacement service today and save with our monthly specials and coupons for much-needed auto repairs.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Simply put, the lifespan of your battery depends upon several factors, including the quality of the battery itself, the size and your driving habits. For instance, if you leave your vehicle exposed to harsh temperatures, the charge can dwindle. The same applies when you don’t start your luxury vehicle on a regular basis.

Additional factors that affect the lifespan of the charge include corrosion or fluid leaks that compromise the effectiveness of the battery. Even though your vehicle may be running, a low charge can significantly impact the performance and your ability to accelerate or even power down the windows. It’s also likely that your check engine light will illuminate when it’s time for BMW battery replacement service. Depending upon the make and model, most vehicles are programmed to power on the check engine light when the charge is low. This is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore to ensure your vehicle has the power it needs.

On average, BMW batteries last three to five years, but with a high-quality unit and charging system, you can gain even more miles and time. The team at our Miami auto repair center is here to provide you with even more tips on how to lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle’s charge.

Each time you stop in for routine maintenance, such as oil change service or tire rotations, we thoroughly inspect all components of your vehicle and if needed, will recommend BMW battery replacement service. Allow us the opportunity to care for all of your automotive needs.

How Important is BMW Battery Replacement?

When your vehicle’s battery is not charged, you lose power. This power extends from the engine to the lights, accessories and computer of your luxury SUV or sedan. The last thing we want is for you to be stranded without power, which is why we recommend BMW battery replacement service.

How can you tell if your vehicle’s battery is running low? There are a few tell-tale signs. Most drivers may notice an engine crank sound when it’s time for BMW battery replacement. Your vehicle may take longer to start or may not start at all. In addition, when the fluid level is low, the battery may struggle to power up your vehicle.

Corrosion or fluid around the battery can minimize the charge and even affect the performance of your sedan or SUV. While a cleaning may help lengthen the life of your vehicle, it’s still a good idea to stop in for an inspection or BMW battery replacement service.

The bottom line is that if you don’t get your battery checked on a regular basis, your vehicle may be without power when you need it the most. In addition, without charge, other components of your engine could be affected. We believe in preventative maintenance to minimize bigger problems down the road. Contact our team today to learn how to safeguard your luxury sedan or SUV.

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Vista BMW Pompano Beach features a team of expert service technicians who have the know-how and the skills to perform auto repairs on all makes and models. We offer comprehensive service, but also take a personal approach by offering tips and advice on how to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

BMW battery replacement service is something you shouldn’t put off. Contact us today if you suspect your charge is running low and give our team the opportunity to serve you well. Schedule service online using our online scheduling platform or give us a call to discuss your concerns. With monthly service specials and coupons for routine maintenance and BMW battery replacement service, it’s easy and affordable to get the service you need at Vista BMW Pompano Beach.

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