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Exceptional Auto Repair & Brake Service

When visiting our BMW dealership, it’s clear that we have an impressive collection of new and used luxury sedans and SUVs. It’s also clear that our team is committed to customer service. That’s why, in addition to our collection of premium vehicles, we also host a full-service state-of-the-art auto repair center. Our full menu of services for all makes and models includes major and minor auto repairs, as well as wheel alignment service, tire replacements and brake repairs.

Our goal is to enhance the performance of your vehicle and to keep you satisfied with our service. Learn more about the comprehensive auto repair service and brake service available at Vista BMW Pompano Beach. Our team is eager to assist you with all of your automotive needs.

Get to Know Your Brake System

BMW vehicles are built to perform. However, the more you know about the components of your vehicle, the better you can maintain your luxury SUV or sedan. Your brake system, which consists of brake pads, brake rotors and brake calipers, is designed to help you safely stop. Routine inspections and brake service help to ensure your vehicle is running at a premium and safe level.

When stopping in for service, our team of certified technicians is committed to thorough work. We are also here to help you understand the system and how all components work together. The hoses connected to your brakes carry fluid from the main line and ultimately to the brake calipers. When cracks in the hoses appear or the hoses appear to be deteriorating, the quality of your system is compromised.

The brake calipers are essential because they squeeze the brake pads against the brake rotors, which then makes it possible for your BMW to stop safely. The brake rotors are also important because they are the components of the system that the brake pads grip, helping your vehicle to stop by stopping the wheels from spinning. The brake pads are often referred to as the shoes of the entire system because they apply pressure to the brake rotors.

Signs That It’s Time for Brake Repairs

While there are manufacturer recommendations that determine the best time for service or a replacement of brake rotors and brake pads, there are also some tell-tale signs that may indicate it’s time to consult with our team of certified technicians about your system. In some cases, drivers may notice that they have to apply more pressure than usual in order to fully stop the vehicle.

Other times, a loud scraping or squealing sound begins to appear when you try to stop. If you notice that the steering wheel begins shaking, contact us right away to have your system inspected. Drivers may also notice unusual vibrations or a grinding sound when pressing the pedal to the floor while some notice that the vehicle wobbles or rocks at higher speeds.

If you notice any of these signs, contact the team at our service center to have your vehicle’s system inspected. We make it easy to schedule service online and also offer monthly service specials and discounts to pass on the savings on necessary auto repairs.

Timing Brake Service Right

Each time you stop in for routine scheduled maintenance, the team at Vista BMW Pompano Beach will perform a thorough inspection of all of your vehicle’s components. We perform rigorous inspections of your brake rotors, pads, hoses, fluids and cylinders in addition to routine maintenance such as oil change service and tire rotations.

Brake fluid is something we routinely check because if your system’s parts are not fully lubricated, it could negatively impact the performance of your engine and your ability to completely stop. In some cases, a flush is recommended to keep all working parts in prime condition.

It’s natural for your system to wear down over time, especially if you are driving on rough road conditions. In this case, it may be necessary to request service more often than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Our team recommends replacing brakes every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but your driving habits may change this timeline.

Brake service may not include an overhaul of your system’s components. In fact, sometimes it’s only necessary to replace the pads versus the rotors. Pads can wear down a bit faster than other components of your system. If it’s determined that your rotors do need to be replaced, this commonly occurs two at a time. Rotors normally wear out faster when you drive on harsh roads; however, a general rule of thumb is to opt for new rotors every 70,000 miles.

Schedule Service Online

Know that you’re in good hands when stopping in for service at Vista BMW Pompano Beach. Our team offers decades of combined experience and we are here to provide you with thorough auto repairs and premium customer service.

We also make it easy to schedule service online. Simply access our website to choose a day and time for service that works best with your schedule. You’ll also find monthly service specials and coupons available on our website to help you save on routine scheduled maintenance. See why our BMW dealership stands out from the rest when scheduling service at Vista BMW Pompano Beach.

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