What To Do If Your BMW Check Engine Light Comes On?

What To Do If Your BMW Check Engine Light Comes On?

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Although we do focus on stocking the latest luxury vehicles with high-performing engines, enhanced safety features and impeccable style, we also focus on helping our customers maintain their vehicles. Our state-of-the-art auto repair center features a full menu of services that range from oil change service and tire rotations to wheel alignments, BMW check engine light service and fluid flushes.

It can be intimidating to see the check engine light illuminate on your dashboard. No need to worry. Instead, schedule an appointment for BMW check engine light service today at our Pompano Beach auto repair center that is staffed with certified technicians with decades of experience.

What Causes the Check Engine Light to Turn On?

It’s no secret that it can be stressful when you see your check engine light illuminate. However, that little light doesn’t always mean that you need major auto repairs. The cause varies, which is why you need highly-trained technicians from our auto repair center to investigate. BMW check engine light service involves investigating all possibilities.

Our team begins by performing a diagnostic of your vehicle. With more than hundreds of diagnostic trouble codes, know that our team goes above and beyond to detect the cause of that illuminated light. Once we’ve uncovered the problem, we meet with our customers to discuss potential auto repairs needed.

In some cases, BMW check engine light service reveals something as small as a loose gas cap. However, that illuminated light could also beg the need for minor or major auto repairs. Common causes include problems with the transmission, the O2 sensor, the fuel system or even bad spark plugs. It could also be that your battery is low or dead or your vehicle has computer output circuit issues.

Our team is here to uncover the issue. Whether the check engine light is illuminated because you have a bad catalytic converter, a problem with the mass airflow sensor, a vacuum leak or even a complication with an aftermarket accessory, there is no auto repair too big or too small for our team. Contact us today to schedule BMW check engine light service and find peace of mind.

When Should I Schedule BMW Check Engine Light Service?

Once you notice that your check engine light is on, it’s important to schedule service immediately. Although many think that you can drive for miles on end before scheduling BMW check engine light service, the reality is that if you need an auto repair, waiting too long could leave you stranded or in need of a tow to our auto repair center.

The team at our BMW dealership recommends contacting us right away for BMW check engine light service once the light turns on. This way, you are preventing potential damage to your vehicle or a larger issue that may result from ignoring the check engine light. The good news is that once repairs are performed, your check engine light resets so that you can drive in style without the worry of what may be causing performance issues within your vehicle.

We also recommend BMW check engine light service when you stop in for routine maintenance, such as tire rotations and oil change service. The team at our BMW dealership can perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and recommend preventative maintenance that may prevent your check engine light from coming on in the near future. It’s important that you feel safe in your vehicle. Allow our team the opportunity to give you peace of mind.

Schedule BMW Check Engine Light Service Today

It’s easier than ever to schedule service at our BMW dealership. Simply contact us or access our full-service website to schedule an appointment. We know that your time is valuable, which is why our highly-skilled team of service technicians work fast to uncover the problem and perform thorough auto repairs.

See what makes our BMW dealership stand out from the rest when scheduling BMW check engine light service today.

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