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What Do You Do If Your BMW Has a Recall?

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At Vista BMW of Pompano Beach, we take pride in being your go-to BMW dealership with an elite selection of luxury SUVs and sedans. We offer the finest inventory of both new and used cars for sale. We also are pleased to serve as your best option for BMW service. At our BMW dealership, you will be treated to our one of a kind BMW service center which include a full array of services such as major and minor auto repairs as well as routine BMW service with oil change service and tire rotations.

We are also pleased to showcase our expertise with BMW recall service. You can trust our skilled team at our BMW service center to handle your needs if you are in need of recall information or you receive a notice from the manufacturer that there is necessary maintenance service needed. Contact us today to learn more about BMW recall information and learn more about our monthly specials and coupons for BMW service.

The Impact of BMW Recall Service

Driving a BMW gives you the opportunity to experience high-end luxury with innovative modern technology and advanced safety features. To ensure you can get where you need to go as safely and smoothly as possible, the team here at our BMW service center is here to make it happen. With that being said, there are situations when a safety recall is required.

Safety tests may reveal that certain models could require recall service. On the recall information sent by the manufacturer, you will be notified of the need for BMW recall service on such parts as your engine, certain safety technology, interior components or the airbags. Do not hesitate after receiving a BMW recall to ensure that your vehicle keeps running above the rest.

If you ignore BMW recall information, you could be putting both yourself and your passengers at risk for danger. For example, if there is a problem with your airbag functions alerted by the BMW recall information, this could place you in danger if a collision were to occur. Fortunately, you have our prepared and excited team at our BMW service center here to execute BMW recall service free of charge.

In addition to the BMW recall service, we will also perform a full inspection of your vehicle to identify any other performance issues when you schedule BMW service. Our service team inspects every functioning component of your vehicle such as tires, the spark plugs, the air filter, the battery, suspension components and the engine. We care about your well being, so that is why we take a precise approach to BMW recall service.

The Right Time for BMW Recall Service

When you are alerted of BMW recall information from the manufacturer, it is essential to schedule BMW service as soon as possible. Due to BMW’s dedication to manufacturing only top quality and safe vehicles, you can expect them to only send recall information when it could put you and your passengers in danger.

There are several elements that lead BMW to issue a BMW recall. During routine testing a manufacturer will conduct for all of their models, they may notice both major or minor issues that cannot be ignored to ensure you get the best quality and performance from your vehicle. This will then lead to the manufacturer sending out notices to all their vehicle owners, encouraging them to schedule BMW recall service at no charge.

Our certified technicians then come into play. We are knowledgeable about all recall information, and it is our mission to supply you with the best BMW service there is. We accommodate your busy schedule, which is why we offer convenient online service scheduling so you choose a day and time that works best for you while you enjoy the comforts of our waiting room during your short time with us.

Your convenience is our top priority at our BMW service center. Make sure to schedule routine maintenance services, including fluid flush service or oil change service, as well as checking out our monthly service specials and coupons.

Now is the Time to Schedule BMW Recall Service

Your luxury vehicle deserves only the best care, and the team at our BMW service center is ready to deliver that care when you schedule BMW recall service after receiving recall information from the manufacturer. We ensure to prioritize all recall service appointments. When you visit our BMW dealership, make sure to check out our full catalog of services, coupons, and our offers for monthly specials that are designed to help you save on major auto repairs and routine maintenance.

We are here to serve you at Vista BMW of Pompano Beach. To learn more about recall information or our menu of available services, contact us today.

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