Clad Your Lead Foot in the FInest Leather.

February 19th, 2018 by

Don’t scoff! If croquet players have dedicated shoes, so should drivers! Driving shoes are not as extraneous as you might first think, and have a rich European history dating back to at least the 1960’s, when the Italian company aptly named “Car Shoe” introduced its first pair of bespoke, leather driving shoes.

Since then, the driving shoe has evolved into something that is usually still made of leather, but sharing more in design and aesthetic with a sneaker than a moccasin. And, while you may still may consider them gratuitous, they most certainly serve their purpose and bring many potential benefits to the table, er, we mean journey. Since they are traditionally thin-soled, they help keep your foot in place and in better communication with the road. Plus, any experienced driving shoe owner that travels a lot will tell they serve a dual purpose: they also make great “air shoes”. That’s right – driving shoes are also great for air travel. They are comfortable for those long terminal walks, slip on and off during security checks, fit loosely enough to counter the occasional foot-swelling some endure in higher altitudes.

These BMW driving shoes are co-designed by shoe legend PUMA and BMW Motorsport and deliver a comfortable, breathable experience in a sporty signature BMW look. Check them out in our boutique!

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