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Vista BMW of Pompano Beach is always happy to help the community, which includes providing premium customer service to our loyal customers. We are pleased to host a large inventory of both used and new cars for sale that are equipped with high-performing engines, top-notch safety features, and the latest innovative technology. We are also here to help maintain your vehicle with our highly-efficient BMW service.

This BMW service includes a long list of services such as oil change service, both major and minor auto repairs, and coolant flush service. Coolant flushes are essential and necessary for the efficiency of your vehicle, but they are often forgotten. You can learn further about the necessity of coolant flush services, and also how to benefit from our BMW service monthly service specials.

Our BMW certified technicians are eager to help with all of your automotive needs and offer tips and advice about the importance of coolant flush service. Contact us now or schedule BMW service online.

Why the Need for Coolant Flush Service?

Forgetting the importance of a coolant flush is not uncommon. Many drivers prioritize services such as oil changes for flushing out debris or tire rotations to reduce wearing down the tires. You may not see the fluids in your car often, but this coolant flush servicing is equally important as your normal routine BMW services.

The most important fluid flushes for your vehicle involves the coolant. Coolant flush service ensures a safe and efficient engine. The purpose of coolant is to regulate the temperature in the vehicle. Otherwise known as antifreeze, it is necessary for coolant to be flushed often to remove contaminants, scale deposits, and rust and buildup that can cause trouble for your coolant system.

Another benefit of coolant flush service is preventing corrosion due to chemical buildup through the addition of new fluid. Leaving old coolant in the system too long can cause it to become acidic and deteriorate engine components if the issue is not addressed on a regular basis. Those acids wearing down your aluminum engine parts, rubber hoses, and the water pump could result in hazardous driving conditions along with expensive future auto repairs.

When It’s Time for Coolant Flush Service

The typical recommendation from our BMW service calls for coolant flush service every 30,000 miles. Coolant flush service allows our team of certified technicians to successfully inspect the system and engine while evaluating all rust and both normal build up and acidic build up that could interfere with daily driving.

Coolant system malfunctions can appear for different reasons, but in many circumstances, such leaks and issues may be due to a worn-out radiator hose. Rarely, your vehicle will experience a bad thermostat. Cracks and Leaks in the radiator can bring about issues to your coolant system components such as rust, dirt, and debris.

Recognizing the signs for when it’s time for a coolant flush service is easier than you may think. One of the signs that it’s time to visit our BMW service center includes noticing the temperature gauge on the digital dashboard reading hotter than usual while the vehicle is in use. Puddles of green or orange liquid beneath the car, a grinding noise from under the hood, or steam from a coolant leak could be other alarming signs that it is time for a coolant flush service.

Contact our BMW service center to schedule coolant flush service immediately if rust around the coolant liquid begins to appear or if steam spouts from the engine. With our crew of high-trained service technicians, we will ensure thorough and precise inspections of the coolant system, engine, and all nearby components to get you driving back on the road as safely as possible.

Online BMW Service Scheduling

You can contact our well informed service technicians at our BMW service center when suspected problems arise with your coolant system or the time has arrived for coolant flush service. Our crew goes above the call of duty to provide you with thorough auto repairs which includes coolant flush service, engine and transmission work, oil change service, and tire replacements.

Our BMW service center serves as your all-in-one outlet for all your automotive needs.Our dedication to customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and that is why we reward our loyal customers with monthly specials for services and coolant flush service coupons.

To discuss further on the importance of coolant flush service, contact our BMW service crew or conveniently schedule service online.

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