BMW Lease and Financing Offers in Pompano Beach

BMW Lease and Financing Offers in Pompano Beach

Why Lease a BMW?

A Flexible Financing Option for Every BMW Lover

BMW lease is a flexible way to acquire a brand new BMW vehicle for less while benefiting from the latest technology, safety advancements, manufacturer warranties, and fixed monthly payments. BMW leasing costs are often lower than other finance procedures, allowing you to afford a more luxurious car than you normally would.

If you’re considering a hassle-free, cost-effective way to drive the newest BMW in Pompano Beach, be sure to stop into Vista BMW Pompano Beach, where you can find a huge selection of the best new BMW vehicles with the driving manners, style, and value you’d appreciate.

Leasing vs. Financing: Making an Informed Decision

Deciding whether to lease or finance your new BMW can be a tough decision. On the one hand, leasing gives you freedom from maintenance and the flexibility to turn in the car whenever you want. On the other hand, it can feel like you’re throwing money away by not building vehicle equity. Depending on your needs and budget, however, leasing can be incredibly beneficial.

One of the biggest benefits of leasing a car is that leasing usually results in lower monthly payments than financing. When you lease a BMW, you only pay for a part of the vehicle’s value, which means you’re likely to pay 30- to 60% lower for the car than financing its purchase. Down payment is also minimal vs. financing.

In addition, you also commit less money to repair and maintenance since, being a new car, your BMW would normally be under the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers any mechanical repair, not due to excess wear and tear, accident, or abuse. These warranties typically last as long as car lease terms, which helps reduce the overall cost of maintaining your vehicle.

Another advantage of leasing is lease-end flexibility, where you can choose to return, buy the leased car outright, or extend your lease at the end of your existing lease term. Leasing also enables you to save on sales tax, as in most states, sales tax is usually based on your monthly lease payment rather than the car’s total value.

Overhead view of a green BMW vehicle with its doors open

Take Advantage of Our BMW Lease Deals

At Vista BMW Pompano Beach, we aim to allow you to ride in style every two to three years or however long you wish to lease your vehicle for. We provide various leasing options and incentives that will help you drive a good deal.

We also offer BMW lease specials on a wide array of the latest models, including the 2021 M2 Competition, 2021 Z4, 2021 X7, 2021 X6, 2021 X5, 2021 X4, 2021 740i, 2021 503i, and more. Our monthly lease payments are charged for 36 months, and they are based on an adjusted capitalized cost which may include capitalized cost reduction, $0 security deposit, destination, and handling fee, suggested dealer contribution, and lease credit.

Please note that this means actual MSRP and dealer contribution may vary and could affect your monthly lease payment.

For cars such as the 2021 530i Sedan, cash due at signing includes a $925 acquisition fee, $3,565 capitalized cost reduction, $509 first month’s payment, and $0 security deposit.

Please, note also, that lessee is usually responsible for insurance over the course of the lease. As well as that, you’ll be responsible for excess wear and tear as defined in the lease contract and a disposition fee of $350 at the end of the lease.

That being said, not all customers will qualify for a security deposit waiver. Other additional fees due at signing include tax, title, license, registration, and dealer fees. Similarly, rates do not include applicable taxes.

The purchase option at lease end, excluding tax, title, and government fees, is $33,447. Our current lease offers are valid through March 31, 2021. Customers may not combine offers unless otherwise stated.

Why Choose Vista BMW Pompano Beach?

Drivers who are considering a BMW lease in Pompano Beach will benefit significantly by working with us. One of our major advantages is price transparency. We present our best deals on every BMW model right upfront. No hidden fees, no guesswork, no fine print.

Besides, our highly qualified and well-trained personnel are always ready to assist, present the options or design a leasing solution that is right for your needs and budget. Our flexibility runs as deep as the care we show to all clients.

In addition, we boast an incredible capacity to match your car needs exactly, thanks to our large inventory. Now, you have more options to choose from, and you can easily find the exact specifications and features that you desire most in a BMW.

Lease Your Next BMW at Low-Priced Terms at Vista BMW Pompano Beach

If you’re looking to lease your next BMW from a reputable BMW dealership in Pompano Beach, Vista BMW Pompano Beach can help you find the exact vehicle you want. We bring our entire local expertise and specialist knowledge to bear in an attempt to provide you with excellent service that is beyond compare.

Please contact us, or visit us at Vista BMW Pompano Beach, FL, and find confidence in the fact that we have a wealth of automotive expertise behind our experienced finance team.

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