Second Generation: BMW X1 Review

March 16th, 2017 by

The second generation of BMW X1 is here and BMW Blog is happy to report it has been worth the wait. “The new X1 is still a fantastic car and we’re big fans here”, says the editors at BMW Blog.”

While they were initially skeptical of some of the new changes, the new generation won them over after the first drive. “It genuinely handles well and has an excellent steering fell”, says BMW Blog. They also believe it may have a better steering character than the 3 Series and the editors unanimously consider it the best small premium crossover in the segment.

And it is simply the handling that has them marveling – the generous capacity is a big allure, too. “With a massive trunk and opening, larger than most of its competitors, you can fit a ton of luggage and cargo inside. It has a ton of places to hook and tether things to, it has a large under-floor storage space in the trunk and easy fold-down rear seats. For practicality purposes, it crushes the previous generation and most of its current competition”, says BMW Blog.

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