US News reviews the BMW 4 Series.

July 31st, 2017 by

US News recently released their own review of the BMW 4 Series, naming it, thanks to the collected scores of their readership, their review and the aggregate scores of countless professional reviews, “#1 in Luxury Small Cars”.

They praise the BMW 4 Series for its elegant physique and well-rounded composure, calling it a driver’s car with athletic handling that backs it up. “The 4 Series can carve corners with sports car-like precision, but it cruises comfortably as well, especially when equipped with its optional adaptive suspension. Pop the hood and you’ll find one of three punchy turbocharged engines. The standard four- and six-cylinder engines (430i and 440i models) offer a great balance of get-up-and-go power with good fuel economy. The no-nonsense BMW M4 turns the 4 Series into one serious performer,” says US News.

But they also love the practicality of the BMW 4 Series, thanks to its high score for predicted reliability and some of the most generous cargo space in its class, including 45.9 cubic feet in the Gran Coupe trim with its rear seats down. Automatic self-parking and a suite of convenience and safety features also broaden the 4 Series’ capabilities.

Thanks to its athletic performance, its generous feature list and its elegant design, they find the BMW 4 Series to fulfill the requirements of a great luxury small car. With confident poise, smooth handling, eager power and a cabin loaded with high-tech features and comforts, the BMW 4 Series is a car that will appeal to almost every car shopper.

“All things considered, the BMW 4 Series is a top competitor in the luxury small car class. As long as it fits your budget, it should be a top consideration on your shopping list”, says US News.

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